Green Tool Kit: Waste Reduction & Recycling: Source Reduction

In addition to a robust waste diversion program, green business applicants must also implement waste reduction practices listed on the green business standards. Use the tools below to learn more:


  • Use only durable dishes, both at your facility and for events. Demonstrate your environmental commitment to reduce energy and natural resource consumption, and reduce ongoing financial costs of disposable foodware.
  • compostable-platesFor restaurants with take out containers and cutlery see the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing section below.Only fully compostable items can be labeled “compostable” because these items have been certified by a third party like Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). Click here for a list of the many companies who manufacture compostable or recyclable food service ware and bags.
  • Susebothsideset all company computers to print default double-sided. You will save resources and money by reducing the amount of paper used. You can also instruct staff to use size reduction features or print papermultiple pages per sheet to further reduce paper consumption.
  • Install a water filter instead of purchasing bottled water for staff and/or guests.
  • Sell or donate surplus or unwanted supplies and furniture. Here are a few options you might want to consider: