Green Tool Kit: Pollution Prevention: Clean Air

Clean Air & Commuting

Drive Less

In Santa Barbara County there are many ways to get around that don’t involve driving a car. Leaving your car at home reduces carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) and many other forms of air pollution. Encourage your employees to walk, bike, carpool, vanpool, and take transit to get to work.

Commuter Benefits

Connect with Traffic Solutions to create a Commuter Benefits Program (or Transportation Demand Management Program) for your business. They provide an online tool called to help you manage your program and help your employees find their best travel options to and from work. They’ll also assist you in creating an office environment that supports commuters. For example, you can install secure bike parking and showers, host bike skills classes for employees, offer discounted bus passes, allow use of fleet vehicles and bikes for midday errands, or offer compressed work weeks and flexible schedules. Call (805) 963-7283 or email

The online tool, will match your employees with rideshare partners, suggest specific bike routes and bus routes, and track their commute days. also makes it easy to offer and manage regular incentives like raffle prizes, bus passes and extra cash for your alternative commuters.


On top of developing Commuter Benefits Programs and managing the resource, Traffic Solutions offers further support for commuters. Commuters can benefit from their Emergency Ride Home Program, SB County Bike Maps, fun promotions and team-based Challenges, as well as access to bike classes and other learning opportunities from their community partners like SBBIKE. Call (805) 963-7283 or email to get started and for assistance on completing your Online Checklist section on Commuter Benefits Programs.