Green Toolkit: Energy Conservation: Heating Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC)

hvacThese are the points most often skipped in the checklist. Depending on your business’ situation in the building (tenant, owner, subletter, etc) you will have zero to complete control over the heating and cooling systems. If you are a tenant in a multi tenant building, the building manager is likely to have chosen the systems, and maintains them, in which case, you as a tenant would be responsible only for the setpoints (78ºF for cooling and 68ºF for heating) on your thermostats and use of small energy-efficient heaters and fans. When the facility is closed, HVAC should be turned off or should maintain temperatures of 55ºF for heating and 90ºF for cooling. However if your company owns the building, you would be expected to answer all questions regarding HVAC equipment and maintenance.