Green Tool Kit: Energy Conservation: Appliances & Refrigeration

energy-starThe Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County recommends replacing refrigerators that are more than 10 years old. When you are ready to purchase a new refrigerator or freezer, be sure to purchase Energy Star certified models. See Energy Star’s website to find an Energy Star model from your preferred brand. Also check to make sure that your refrigerator temperature is between 38ºF and 41ºF, and your freezer is between 10ºF and 20ºF. If your refrigerator does not have exact temperature settings, place the dial to the middle temperature setting available.

Rebate requirements for energy efficient appliances are set by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. Check here to learn more about efficiency requirements for qualifying products. For commercial refrigerators, as used in restaurants and hotels, rebates are available through PG&E and SCE.

The Food Service Technology Center is also a great resource for restaurants to find energy and water efficient appliances and rebates for system upgrades.