What’s involved in the assessment/audit process?

The Green Business checklists are a set of mandatory and voluntary measures established by the California Green Business Network, which is comprised of Green Business Programs state-wide. This is the tool we use to evaluate your business operations, determine sustainability measures already in place, and assist you in implementing additional measures to earn certification.

During the workshops you will be given the information and tools you need to meet the checklist requirements. Green Business staff and partners will visit your business to verify and assist you in meeting the requirements.

Your business will most likely meet many of the requirements before you even get started. However, depending upon processes you already have in place and the physical location of your business, you may find the need to upgrade in certain areas such as installing low-flow plumbing fixtures or implementing a ridesharing program for your employees. This is where the information you learn in the workshops will help – we will teach you everything you need to know to easily make any necessary changes and make you aware of any rebates available for water or lighting upgrades.

If you are unsure whether or not you will be able to join us during the 2017 Green Business Academy or commit to the overall time requirement, please contact us to discuss possibilities.