Green Business Case Study: Luis OASIS Senior Center

Luis OASIS Senior Center


Green House Gas Emissions Saved: 33,454 kg CO2
Water Saved: 101,547 gallons
Natural Gas Saved: 1,962 therms
Electricity Saved: 33,438 kWh
Dollars Saved: $8,312

The Business Greening Story
Sustainability makes good business sense

The OASIS Senior Center, standing for Orcutt Area Seniors in Service, was established in 1984 with a mission of providing adults with social, educational and cultural opportunities aimed at improving their quality of life. Seniors come to the center for activities including ukulele practice (above), aerobics, ceramics, knitting and much more.

The center is in constant use, hosting activities for over 700 of its members and serving as a meeting space for a number of community groups. With so much going on, utilities are a significant expense for OASIS. Since joining the Green Business Program, OASIS has seen a steady decrease in electricity, gas and water use per activity.

oasis2Some of the initiatives that have helped OASIS reduce their water consumption include drought tolerant landscaping as well as toilet and faucet retrofits. They have been able to reduce electricity use by upgrading to more efficient lighting and by holding staff training sessions focused on energy conservation.

Another major component of the program has been purchasing products that have less of an environmental impact. OASIS no longer uses Styrofoam containers and only purchases office paper that is made from 100% recycled content. This helps reduce the amount of waste being sent to the landfill as well as reduces the demand for primary materials.

Taking Advantage of the Green Business Certification

Some of the main benefits of the program according to the Executive Director, Doug Dougherty, are staying ahead of the curve in terms of cost savings and environmental impacts.
Some of the main benefits of the program according to the Executive Director, Doug Dougherty, are staying ahead of the curve in terms of cost savings and environmental impacts.

As a non-profit organization, the OASIS Senior Center relies heavily on grant funding in order to operate. When applying for grants, being certified as a Green Business is an important consideration because it shows supporters that OASIS is committed to the environment as well as to their members and the local community.

An increase in both members and activities has caused the center to outgrow its current building and they will soon begin construction of a new facility. The Green Business Certification has helped OASIS establish a number of resource conservation measures which can be incorporated into the design of the new buildings.

The amount of money, resources and emissions saved

Savings are based on utility usage per activity before and after joining the program over a span of 2.5 years

33 454 kg
33, 438 kWh
1,562 therms
101,547 Gallons
$ 8,312


“I’m thrilled to see the numbers trending the way they are. It really makes a difference.”

Doug Dougherty
Executive Director of Luis OASIS Senior Center

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Saved

The Luis OASIS Senior Center has saved 33,454 kg of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere as a result of joining the program. That’s the equivalent of planting 858 tree seedlings and letting them grow for 10 years.

Electricity Saved

OASIS has saved 33,438 kWh of electricity with a total savings of $5,959.

Natural Gas Saved

Since joining the Green Business Program in 2012, OASIS has saved 1,961 therms of natural gas with a total savings of $1,789.

Water Saved

OASIS has saved 101,547 gallons of water with a total savings of $563. That’s almost as much water as the average US family uses in a year.

Dollars Saved

From reductions in water, electricity and gas use, OASIS has saved $8,312 over the course of 2.5 years in the Green Business Program.